A 100% secure platform that helps you manage your patients' health on a daily basis

With Medisharp, health data from different practitioners is centralized on a single platform. Our solution is 100% secure and respects General Data Protectuion Regulations (GDPR)

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Easily access data
for better patient support

Dossiers médicaux

Medical file management

A user-friendly platform for sharing medical and allied health information.

Suivi kiné

Physical therapist monitoring

Centralize all physical therapy treatments and integrate them in your patient monitoring.

Prévention des blessures

Injury prevention

Use AI to anticipate and reduce the risk of injury

Suivi médical réglementaire

Regulatory medical follow-up

Sports federations and leagues can speed up the processing of athletes' medical documents.

Suivi traumatologique

Trauma follow-up

Injury analysis and AI are now being used to serve patient health.

Etudes épidémiologiques

Epidemiological studies

We assist research projects in terms of data collection, organization and analysis (Big Data)

Data protection is
at the heart of Medisharp's strategy.

We store your data on highly secure servers from SIGMA INFORMATIQUE, a certified health data host.

If you have your own servers, we can help you set up a secure, reliable, and durable solution.

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A solution that
adapts to your needs

Whether it is specific pathologies with distinct protocols or variable follow-up campaigns throughout the year, Medisharp can support you in your various medical projects.

Our solution is available in Saas mode or can be installed on your own servers.

Medisharp mobile application

With the Medisharp app,
data entry is made easy.

Our intuitive application makes retrieving key patient data a breeze.

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